Kim Rey and Associates has a respected reputation for its tailored methodologies drawn both from its years of operation and Kim’s decade of corporate experience prior to founding her company. The company’s hallmarks include expertise in leadership, individual and group coaching, organisational change and strategic human resources consulting.

With over ten years’ experience leveraging technology towards successful and meaningful virtual engagement, Kim Rey and Associates is able to deliver these services both remotely and in person.

Working with a network of associates, Kim Rey and Associates is able to leverage the most expert skills in the marketplace to deliver on its range of services. These include:


Leadership development

Kim Rey and Associates designs, develops and facilitates customised leadership development programmes. Beyond this, we partner with associates to design, and then coordinate, assessment centres to measure leadership capability and gauge leadership potential in the organisations in which we work. Following this, we craft specialised solutions and development opportunities in response- where coaching may be part of these leadership interventions.

Business coaching of executives and leaders with a specific focus on leadership development, career transitions and personal mastery

Kim Rey works with an eclectic coaching methodology which draws on her formal training and significant years of coaching experience. Kim coaches individuals across all levels, from executives to first line managers. Coaching interventions often form part of larger change initiatives and leadership development programmes that are conceptualised and designed by Kim Rey and Associates. Special areas of interest include leadership, personal mastery and career transitions. Coaching assignments have taken place in South Africa and further afield working with leaders from countries such as Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Morocco and Mauritius.

Action learning coaching

As a qualified action learning coach, Kim draws on the WIAL methodology and approach together with her substantial experience. Kim facilitates and supports diverse teams in solving complex strategic business challenges thus producing tangible ROI and growth in leadership capability of those involved.

Organisational change management

Kim Rey and Associates has successfully undertaken various change initiatives in South Africa and globally. These include roles as change transition lead, consultant and facilitator, as well as driving large and smaller scale change projects.

Customised, facilitated learning sessions with a specialisation in agility, leadership skills and personal/organisational change

Kim Rey and Associates develops and tailors sessions with our clients’ needs in mind, taking into account context and strategic objectives. An aspect of great importance in the current world of work is equipping leaders with an agile mindset, skillset and capacity for personal and organisational change. Kim Rey and Associates utilises cutting- edge methodologies and sound theoretical frameworks with an experiential approach to achieve this. This ensures that learnings can be readily applied to the work environment, resulting in tangible growth in leadership capability and confidence.

Group and individual coaching for leadership presence, personal branding and team effectiveness

Kim Rey and Associates works with natural work and cross-functional teams to enhance their effectiveness. This includes facilitation of group coaching sessions for team development during which strategies and practical tools for enhanced effectiveness are explored.

The leadership presence and personal brand group coaching sessions are facilitated to build awareness of leaders’ impact and help identify practical ways to enhance personal brand.

Strategic Human Resources (HR) consulting

Kim Rey and Associates consults on all aspects of strategic HR including strategy development and execution, organisational culture, talent management, remuneration and employee engagement.

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