Our Approach

In all that it undertakes, Kim Rey & Associates imbues the core values by which the company stands. These include integrity, trust, responsibility and commitment, applied in a spirit of partnership where leadership is augmented, innovation ignited and impact realised to the best benefit of all those involved in both individual and team contexts.

The company works with organisations to build internal capability, developing responsible and accountable teams, thereby empowering them to generate their own solutions and strategies, resulting in sustainable change.

As a result, Kim Rey and Associates enjoys established relationships, retaining and nurturing long term partnerships with its South African and international clients, and developing excellent resource based external partnerships with other consulting practices and tertiary institutions.



We aim to understand our clients' businesses, the broader context in which they operate, their vision and purpose and, most importantly, their needs. We apply insight and experience to assess what is needed in order to make recommendations to our clients.


We craft a strategy to meet client needs and engage all stakeholders to get their buy-in. Our Associate model allows us the flexibility to access the best skills in the market and to contract these expert resources with clear deliverables in mind. As a result, we can also offer our clients competitive rates.


We develop customised solutions to meet our client needs.


We hold ourselves accountable for the delivery of tangible results and impact, and we follow through on our commitment in line with our values. We build long-term relationships with our clients.

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